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ModelRarely does an artist have the opportunity to create a piece using materials with such great emotional impact for both the artist and the world.  The steel beams from the World Trade Center, resembling battle scarred relics, command a sense of awe and respect both for the level of destruction they represent and for the reverence to life and rebirth they symbolize.

Incorporating the beams in their current condition is central to the artistic concept.  The steel has been damaged and disfigured, have suffered massive desecration and yet, like the human spirit, has withstood total destruction.

The arching steel beams vault, as viligent protectors, towards a central gate composed of panels to honor those who lost their lives in the September 11th disaster.  Gates symbolize passage - a physical, emotional, and spiritual movement from one space or consciousness to another.  Individually & collectively, Sept. 11th was an important passage for mankind.  What we have learned about ourselves and our connection with the world has altered lifes' journey for all of us.

This piece of art could not, or should not, be built by a single artist.  As an instrument of healing, the participation of numerous members of the national art community will be quintessential for the completion of the Gate.  "We are all strong enough to bear the sufferings of others" (Francois La Rochefoucanld) and the strength and inspiration of the collective creative spirit will give rise to a sense of hope and renewal to New York City and the Nation.

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